Using the Ball Machine

How to use the Ball Machine to improve your game:

The ball machine can help your game as long as you use it in the correct way. Hitting the same shot over and over again will not necessary promote consistency, but will fatigue you quickly and start to imprint late and sloppy strokes. Vary the ball machine settings to get the most out of a practice.

The ball machine can project balls to the left, right and middle of the court, send them deep and short. It can vary pace and spin also. Keep changing the settings on the machine to practice your strokes.Creating good muscle memory for your strokes you need quality more than quantity. Hitting many balls in a row does not always help. Make sure the balls you hit are as close to perfect as possible, taking a break when you begin to tire.
If you want to use the ball machine for conditioning, train in high intensity bursts of two minutes or less, followed by a break just like a match. This will help you prepare for the demands of a tennis match.Rather than hitting a 100 balls in a row, create shot combinations that look like tennis points. Move the machine to different areas of the court. As you become comfortable with a new technique, change the ball machine settings to make you move to hit the shot.

Practicing with the ball machine the correct way will help your game. The tennis staff can help with the set up and settings of the machine for you.